We have recently started offering photography projects. We found that many of our participants were interested in photography and some of them showed great talent in taking photographs and also working with them digitally. Some discovered a new talent they didn’t know they had.  We created a few interesting project ideas for our participants from combining art with photography, through playing with different layers in Photoshop to making lovely photo collages. We are always amazed by the end result.

All About Me at Artventure

Participants were asked to look around the Studio and photograph things that represented what they enjoyed most about being at Artventure. They were then asked to have their hands photographed which would be used as the outline for their photos to be layered under in Photoshop.

Merging Art and Photography

Participants drew and coloured animals on white paper. Then they explored and photographed places on the school grounds they thought would work well for their animals. On Photoshop they would experiment merging photos of their drawings with the images taken outside using the ‘Photoshop layers’ process.

Photo Montage Project

After participants had decided what they were going to base their montage on, they explored inside and outside the Studio with the camera, looking closely for colours, textures and patterns that would be printed in many small photos and brought together to create their final montage.