Sarah Hopkins at The Electric Theatre December 2023 to 5th February 2024

Painting of a tiger
December 2023 to 5th February 2024

Opening hours:

Please see venue website.


Free of charge


Artventure is proud to present Sarah’s solo exhibition in the lobby of the Electric Theatre.

Sarah started to paint her panels about a year ago. She was inspired by a book of Australian landscapes. Each panel is different, but they all show bold, vibrant colours, representing a unique style. We found, that when we put the panels next to each other they start to communicate. We liked the stories these panels told us and we would like to share them with you. You can feel the breeze, sense the sea salt in the air. You can see the roads and bridges that connect us all.

This exhibition contains pieces Artventure artworkers created from Sarah’s panels often together with her. It is a privilege to witness an artist finding her unique voice. By visiting this exhibition we offer you this experience. Enjoy.

You can have the opportunity to meet Sarah on Thursday, 11 January at 6pm in the Café of The Electric Theatre at her The Meet-the-Artist event. Please join us.

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