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At Artventure, we strive to meet the needs and choices of those who attend our supported, art-based sessions. Our studio environment is informal and relaxed and we’re sure that, whether you join us as a participant, artworker or volunteer, you will enjoy the fun atmosphere that pervades everything that we do.

We always enjoy seeing new faces and you can be assured of a warm welcome if you would like to just come along and see what we do, or have a trial session. We understand that Artventure may not be for everyone, but you’ll never know until you give it a try. So, do get in touch.

Artventure participant giving the thumbs up sign

As a Participant

Do you enjoy creative activities? Or maybe you would like to try something new such as painting, modelling, photography or making printed pictures and designs. Or perhaps you just enjoy having fun with a group of friendly people.

Why not try Artventure? Anybody who is over 18 and lives with learning disabilities, autism or physical impairment can come along to our sessions, where you will be able to choose an activity to suit you, and work at you own pace, with as much or as little, support as you wish.

We’re sure that you will enjoy yourself, but to start with, you can just attend a free trial session to see how you get along.

How often you come to Artventure, or how long you come for, is up to you.

Some people are referred, others come directly. Some come alone, others bring a carer. Whatever your circumstances, do get in touch.

As a Volunteer

A few hours of your time could make a big difference in the lives of some of the most disadvantaged adults in our community.

But volunteering with Artventure is about more than helping out with a worthy cause; it’s also about being part of a dedicated support team and working in a relaxed, informal and fun environment where your input, in whatever capacity, will make a real and immediate, positive difference in the lives of those who participate in our programmes.

If you’re into art and creative activities, that’s great – but you don’t have to be; it’s more important to be caring and enthusiastic and you may also be able to help in other areas, such as marketing or planning and administering new projects. Our volunteers support us in a variety of roles and can give as little or as much time as and when they wish.

If you think that you might be interested, why not come along and give it a try? We will quite understand if you decide that it’s not for you, but you can be assured of a warm welcome.

Art worker assisting a participant with a painting
Artventure participant working on a painting

As a Trustee

For a small charity such as Artventure, our trustees provide an essential resource.

As well as overseeing general governance and financial security they provide experience-based support to our small management team.

As a trustee, you will need to attend six board meetings a year, but most enjoy being much closer to our activities, without interfering with the day-to-day running.

Like many charities, we value specialist or professional experience, but interest and enthusiasm for what we do and a common-sense approach are also very welcome qualifications.

I was chatting to a school pupil by the mural at the Electric Theatre.  He pointed to a Tardis:  “I painted that!,”  he told me with pride and glee.

Job Openings

The Artventure Trust has no vacancies at the moment.